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Have you decided that further education isn't for you? Are you ready to further your life skills? At South Causey Inn, there are opportunities to earn while you learn and meet with like-minded people who are hands-on and ready to kick start their careers.

Whether you choose to work with our team of chefs, alongside our professional restaurant managers or get creative behind the bar with our excellent mixologists, all our apprentices will get the opportunity to gain advanced hospitality skills that will be crucial to you, whichever path you take in life!

The hospitality industry covers many areas within the service industry, including hotel, events management, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cruise ships, amusement parks, cafes, holiday reps, catering, and much more ... The skills you learn as a hospitality apprentice are transferable to any of these areas... anywhere in the world!

We are offering the chance for a one-year Intermediate Level Apprenticeship, and after your successful completion of this year and after an exit assessment there may be the potential to progress vertically to Advanced Level Apprenticeship or Horizontally into other Hospitality related areas.

We are looking to take apprentices to join our chef team, front-of-house team, and reservations team (over 18 s for reservations).

If you would like to apply or for more information, please contact Frances directly by emailing

  • Why choose an apprenticeship with us
    • Full training and apprentice level 3 qualification with Babcock International Training Company
    • Start on double minimum wage and receive cash bonuses when completing an assignment
    • Work alongside a great team and the opportunity to work up to management level to develop skills in all aspects of a large hospitality venue
    • Earn whilst you learn – that’s got to be better than paying thousands in student loans and still having to work part-time!
    • Great starting wage
    • Get nationally recognised qualification – Intermediate Level with a progression route to Advanced Level
    • Gain real work experience – which is what employers really want!
    • In house Cuisine Training with our team of chefs including Food Hygiene
    • Sliver service training
    • Wine, Cocktail, and Beer
    • Cellar Training
    • House Keeping Training
    • Reception Training
    • Customer Service Training
    • Health and Safety Training
    • Events Management Training
    • Event Dressing
    • Employment Rights & Responsibility Training
    • IT Training
    • First Aid Training Certificate – Advanced Level
    • Licensing Certificate – Advanced Level
    • Food Hygiene Certificate– Advanced Level
    • Supervisor Training – Advanced Level
    • Placement in other Hospitality Businesses – Advanced Level
    • Business strategy – Advanced Level
    • Social Networking for Businesses – Advanced  
  • The ideal candidate
    • Be ambitious
    • Keen to learn
    • Have a passion and interest for food
    • Want to get ahead and be keen to develop a skill that will allow you to work in high quality establishments throughout the world
    • Have a strong work ethic
    • 16 years old and over
  • How to apply

    Please send a short description about yourself to the email below as soon as possible. We will be running an interviewing day on Wednesday, 1st September 2021 where you will get to view all apprenticeship sections available and try out basic skills. The successful candidate will then begin a full time apprenticeship course at South Causey Inn.

    If you would like to apply or for more information, please contact Frances directly by emailing


  • Job roles available

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