Causey Canine Cross Country Competition – Saturday, 11th April 2020

Causey Canine Cross Country Competition

Get your pooch into gear, there's a competition to prepare for!

We are very excited about their very FIRST Causey Canine Cross Country Competition. There will be an amateur dog agility course set up for dogs and their handlers to attempt. The fun competition will be judged on time and accuracy. All abilities are welcome!

The Causey Canine Cross Country Competition will take place next to the HOTSPOT Fire Engine Bar, which will be serving cocktails, mocktails, bottles, and snacks.

Proceeds go to charity

The Competition entry fee is £1.50, 50p of the fees will be donated to The Edward Bulldog Foundation.

The winning Doggos will receive a Rosette and can get their photograph taken on the podium - for the gram!

For more information and to book your pooch a spot, please contact our team on 01207 235555.