South Causey Inn Brewery & Distillery


On the first Thursday of every month, we shall be hosting a talk about Beer, Gin, Booze, Food or even the meaning of life - real Bar Banter!

These social events will always involve a little tasting, as well as an informal and social way to learn more about interesting subjects.

All talks take place from & 7 pm until 9 pm. 

Make sure to sign up to be a Brew Club member for the best deals and prices, as well as Brewery updates!

Thursday, 6th February 2020 - The Art of Gin Distilling by 'Brew Lab'.

Thursday, 5th March 2020 - The History of Real Ale and Beer by 'Brew Lab'. 

Thursday, 2nd April 2020 - A universe from nothing or a creator? - Astronomer, Gary Fildes will lead conversations about the origins of the universe. Is it possible that all we can see touch and feel came from 'nothing' or did a divine being create the universe?

Thursday, 7th May 2020 - The history of Beamish Museum - From a chat in a bar to the huge enterprise that it has become - you see what bar talk can do!  

Thursday, 4th June 2020 - A chat with Marlish Tonics - Water, Soft Drinks and the History and Science behind them. 

Thursday, 2nd July 2020 - ‘Changing places’ - How tourism and travel can change the places we live in, and how we feel about them, for good or bad - with some personal experiences. Ivor Stolliday is Chair of Visit County Durham, had a long career in television and the arts, and came to live in County Durham by unusual family circumstances - he has a story to tell...

What inspired us...

Here at South Causey Inn, we have a delicious selection of home-distilled Gins and Craft Ales, all created in our specialist, on-site Brewery, and Distillery!

Our Gins are based on our resident dogs - Rip the Bull Dog, Eddy the Lab, and Come to Momma. We also have seasonal Gins, such as Rhubarb, which is homegrown in the South Causey gardens where we have also planted many of our other botanicals used in our Gin.

Our Ales were inspired by our famous Double Decker Bus Bedroom, our new Fire Engine Bar and our most loyal customer Mr. Inness!

Brewery Tours

Here at South Causey Inn, we are offering tours of our Brewery & Distillery.

Tours available 1st Saturday of Every Month;




Tours also available 2nd and 4th Friday of every month

5:30pm – 7:30pm

Wednesday and Thursday Tours available

2pm -4pm

Tours include

2 hours with our Master Brewer John Taylor

2 Beer Flights to taste in the Brewery

Your own engraved Ale Glass to take home

Brewery & Distillery T-shirt

Brewers Lunch and of course  - a Pint of Causey Ale to wash it down with!

All-inclusive Tour price only -£50 Per Person

Please call our team on 01207 235555 for more information and booking. Vouchers also available HERE

Available for Private Hire...

Whatever the makeup of your group, as long as they are lovers of Beer, Gin and enjoying quality time with friends and family, we can ensure they will have a simply superb time in the Causey Brewery & Distillery Bar.

Housed in an original stable block conversion within South Causey Inn, this new cosy hideout Bar serves a delicious selection of home-distilled Gins and home-brewed ales. The Stills and Vats are visible from the bar, so you can watch the very beverages you are drinking 'cooking up' in front of you!

Hire this quirky spot out for two hours for ONLY £100.

Give us a call or pop in and say hello and we can discuss your private hire options.

Brewery Experience Stay-Over

Stay in one of our cosy courtyard rooms, enjoy a three-course evening meal and full English breakfast in our Restaurant and turn your hand to Brewing and Beer tasting in our on-site Brewery and Distillery.

From our fantastic accommodation to our brilliant brewer's menu, to our hearty breakfast - make our home yours and enjoy an experience to remember!

Take part in the Causey Brewery & Distillery Tour

Tours include;

2 hours with our Master Brewer John Taylor

2 Beer Flights to taste in the Brewery

Your own engraved Ale Glass to take home

Brewery & Distillery T-shirt

Brewers Lunch and of course  - a Pint of Causey Ale to wash it down with!

After the tour, check in to one of our fantastic courtyard rooms that overlook the beautiful Beamish Valley any time from 2 pm on the day of arrival.

In the evening, enjoy a hearty three-course evening meal (to soak up the hops)!

In the morning, enjoy breakfast, served between7:30 am- 9:30 am, in our Restaurant on the day of departure.

This offer is available on a Tuesday and Wednesday based on two sharing: £242.00  OR  Friday Night Pricing based on two: £258.00

Brew Club

If you are fascinated by Beer, Lager, Gin or tasting all three with delicious food, we hope you would like to join our monthly ‘BREW CLUB’.

Image credits: DJM Photography 


A careful infusion of six traditional botanical's along with locally sourced ingredients, Juniper berries, coriander seed, orange peel, angelica root, cassia bark, and fennel.

Big Eddy's Gin

Big Eddy's gin is a careful infusion of 10 exciting botanical's including locally sourced juniper, coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, pink pepper and more!

Big Momma's Gin

Let big momma treat you right with her floral sensational gin. Sit back relax and let your taste buds indulge themselves on our locally sourced botanical's, grasping the tastes of rosehip, rose petals and licorice.


1 handcrafted RIP Gin Goblet, personalised RIP Gin T.Shirt & a 70cl Bottle of Gin.
(Choose from 'Come to Momma' 'Big Eddies' or 'RIP Gin')

£44.95 (limited edition) 


Choose three South Causey Inn home-brewed Ales to delight the beer lover in your life and quench their festive thirsts!



Handcrafted RIP GIN Shot Glass & 50ml Bottle of Gin
(Choose from 'Come to Momma' 'Big Eddies' or 'RIP Gin')

 £12.95 (limited edition)


2 Engraved RIP GIN Goblets, 2 Tonics, 70cl Bottle of Gin & a discounted RIP Gin Drinks Voucher.
(Choose from 'Come to Momma' 'Big Eddies' or 'RIP GIN')



2 Tonics & 2 50ml Bottle of Gin
(Choose from 'Come to Momma' 'Big Eddies' or 'RIP Gin')



A bottle of either Rip Gin, Big Eddy’s or Come to Momma