A Drive Through Wedding At South Causey

A Drive Through Wedding At Causey..

Ever dreamed of spontaneously whisking off and marrying your soul mate, just the two of you?
Well, we have designed the perfect package that will turn your dreams into a reality and get you and your loved one hitched in the most thrilling and romantic way. 
Have your ceremony in the beautiful St Cutherbert’s Suite for the small price of £350. Whether you are looking for a simple elopement for the two of you or a quick and quirky celebration shared with family and friends, we have all the essentials prepared for you.
Our St Cutherbert’s Suite provides you with a stunning setting for a traditional wedding, lanterns will be lit down either side of the aisle, a colour dressing of your choice will be set by our wedding team and many candles will be lit to celebrate your precious moment. Best of all, our Old Oak Tree, shining with fairy lights will watch over you as you join in harmony and take each other's hand in marriage. 
This wonderful day doesn't have to end here, make your own history and choose your next plans ahead. You could decide to book into our restaurant and enjoy a fine three-course meal, just the two or you. Or, if you'd prefer, allow us to bring the restaurant to you, and book into one of our luxury hot-tub suites and take advantage of our quality room service. Alternatively, enjoy the rest of your special day with family and friends, reserve one of our beautiful function rooms and create exceptional memories together.
Our next available date for our 'Drive Through' Elopement Package, is March, 13th 2019. ( This offer does not include registrar fees)