Vegas Comes To Causey

Why fly across the Atlantic Ocean for a "Quickie" Wedding?

Come and get married at The South Causey for only £350!!!!!

Whether you are looking for a simple elopement for two or a quick and quirky celebration shared with family and friends, we have the answer!

Our St Cutherbert’s Suite provides you with a gorgeous setting for a traditional wedding lit with Lanterns, Candles and our Old Oak Tree to capture your special moment.

Our Drive through Wedding package has several ceremony times throughout the day. On Wednesday 3rd October 2018 run down the aisle to start your married life together with the glamour of South Causey and together we can create your memorable day.

WHY STOP THERE...........  Go the whole hog and invite Elvis and his host.

 The famous Ophelia Balls to sing for the ceremony, and then be the most hilarious Master of Ceremonies to guide you through your day!!!

Whatever your dream, whatever your budget, South Causey has the answer.

Please contact our Wedding Team who are awaiting your call on 01207 235555.

(This offer does not include Registrar Fees)